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Bad breath

I have a 15 year old Border Collie whose teeth and gums were looking pretty bad. She loves taking her 1-TDC 'treat' before bed every evening and we love how her 'old lady' breath has gone away! Also, teeth and gums look better. She has arthritic hips but we haven't really seen improvement in that area other than she's still able to do 1-2 mile walks with us, even running a bit occasionally. Happy about that!

very impressed with early results

I have been using 1TDC on both my australian shepherds one being 22 months and the other 9+ years old for about a couple months now, first I used it by putting in with their food but for the last several weeks I have been applying it to their teeth and I am really quite happy with the results. The tartar/plaque is noticeably a lot less and have no doubt it will be gone from their teeth in no time. Their activity level remains high and their coats are in great shape too. Thanks for your terrific really works!

My dogs love 1-TDC

I definitely see improvement in my agility competition dogs, as well, as my older, retired dogs.


Undeniably the best supplement to help with joint pain. My working dogs are always sore. Once I put my older dog on 1TDC he has responded really quickly to the supplement and has a greater range of mobility. Truly incredible results. Because of 1TDC he’s back helping hunters. A recovery he made this past weekend.

Best stuff ever for arthritis'

I have arthritis in my right thumb, wrist, shoulder, and neck. This frequently limited my ability to do ordinary things like chopping vegetables, writing, or sleeping. Since taking 1-TDC capsules I seldom have any limitations with the exception strenuous gardening. When I have seriously over done my gardening I just use 1-TDC Muscle and Joint Cream to take away the specific pain. It should be noted that I did not feel any relief from the capsules until I had finished the double loading of the product in the first month.

LOVE 1-TDC worksSOwell

My red Golden has been using 1-TDC worksSOwell since 2015 when she hurt her iliosoas and inner gracilious muscles. It helped her heal, keeping her mobile to continue dog surfing, Flyball, Dock Jumping, Lure Coursing and Pet Therapy. She is now retired at 15 1/2 years old and still gets up, walks and be mobile on her own. I also use it on her teeth, it keeps her teeth white and takes care of bad breath. Such a amazing product keeping my beautiful red golden beautiful and healthy.

Healthy Mouth and Gums with 1TDC

September 10, 2023 I have been giving my dogs 1TDC for over six months. My dogs gums were red and inflamed and it helped calm them down. It has also helped with keeping their teeth free of tarter build up. The 1TDC is really working to help keep my dogs teeth clean and also helping with inflammation in the joints. It also helped when my dogs tooth came out. It immediately helped with the redness around the tooth. My dogs really enjoy the taste too. I will continue to use this product for my dogs.

Love this product !

I have been giving my 6 year old dog 1-TDC since she was a puppy. Our vet always comments on how wonderful her gums and teeth are. As she gets older I feel great about how good it is for her hips and joints.

No More Pain

I’m a 54 year old active male. I walk a lot at work on concrete and in the woods while hunting. A few months ago I started having pain in my feet. Something I’d never experienced before. I’d heard about this product ( 1TDC ) from Heath Hyatt’s podcast “ The Journey “ on Houndsman XP. Heath used it on his hounds with great results. I thought if it works for the dogs maybe it will work for me. I ordered 4 bottles and started the loading dose of 6 per day. About two weeks later the pain in my feet is gone !!! I was pretty skeptical about the product, but I’m a believer now !!!

Great product especially for dental!

At just one month we’re already seeing results!

Product works well. My vet said that the gum disease has really slowed down because of this product.
Will keep using it.


My cairn had quite a bit of plaque buildup on her back molars but wouldn’t tolerate a cleaning. (My vet doesn’t anesthetize for cleanings.) I started using this daily and the difference is striking. I can hardly wait for our vet to see!

So far so good

It's only been a month. It's hard to tell with my eight year old chihuahua because his teeth weren't that bad. My 13 year old Havapoo has pretty bad plaque and tartar. Her gums sometimes are pretty red. It seems that her teeth are a little better and so are her gums. She also has a thickness on the front of her top gum. She's had it most of her life and my vet watches it. It hasn't really grown. I'm hoping maybe the 1 TDC will actually reduce it. Pics are of Zena my Havapoo.

Fantastic product!!!!

I can't rave enough about Workssowell. I use it on my 4 cats and 3 dogs and am thrilled that no one has gingivitis or bad breath anymore - thanks to the continued use of this . I squeeze the product on the gums of all the cats and on my 14 year old Border Collie daily - even though it's recommended for every other day. I feel that they're aging gums look great by being consistent!
And best of all - my senior pets are running freely. My younger BC's get it in their food every other day to support their agility and herding activities. No joint pain and great mobility.
This is an amazing product. I have been using it for years and highly recommend it for cats and dogs,

Like it

Especially helpful when my legs are sore and tired. Relieves the soreness. Also notice that my legs and feet are not as dry and cracked as they have sometimes been.


My sheltiescteeth look so much better! Tartar is greatly diminished.

1-TDC Multifunctional Oral Health + Mobility Support for Dogs
Carolynn White
Great product

My girls love thus product.

Great product!

I have placed both of my dogs on this supplement and after about 2 weeks I noticed a huge improvement. It has helped with their mobility and their teeth! Plus, they both seem to enjoy the taste.


I’am super happy with the product 1-Tdc for my cat Léo who has juvenile gingivitis since is young. I been using the product for almost 2 month now and i can see a huge difference . My cat was not eating anymore now he does eat is Hill’s Td big food. He do not hide anymore and ask for affection, play arround and running like crazy. I can tell he do not suffer anymore.

Good Stuff

I give these to my oldest, 14yo Border Collie, with chronic Psoas issues. While it doesn't completely take the limp away... I definitely tell when he doesn't get his 1-TDC. Thanks for helping my old man maintain most of his mobile-ness! =0)

Love 1TDC

Been using it as a joint supplement for my agility dogs since 2017, love how clean it keeps their teeth too!

Madw a HUGE difference with both my dogs

My 16 year Olds teeth and mobility have changed so drastically, he runs around like a 2 year old. And his teeth(the 2 he has left) the tarter is gone, do teeth brushing too. My JRT's teeth look great and has helped with him with mobility with Agility.

1-TDC Complete Oral Health + Mobility Support for Dogs
My dog loves it!

I’ve been giving this to my elder Yorkie for some time now. It has greatly decreased her inflammation in her gums. It’s a product we’ll stick with.

Teeth and gums are looking good

Even though my pup is only 17 months old, he gets rave reviews when we see the vet or people out and about who see his pearly whites.

Between 1-TDC every other night (maintenance), tooth brushing each evening, and nutritional bones several days a week, he teeth are spotless and there’s no inflammation on or around the gums.

I’m pleased with the results, and and as far as our mouth hygiene routine goes, he loves the 1-TDC part (and its taste).