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Great product

Miniature Schnauzers are predisposed to tartar, calculus and periodontal disease. I bought this product to use and try to keep my dogs mouth healthy. My 6 year old already had early decay and this product is keeping the teeth clean after dental cleaning and there doesn't seem to be progression with the already effected teeth. We are on the every other day application to the teeth directly. As far as mobility she is also my agility partner and has not yet shown signs of issues so the hope is this product will also help her in that aspect as well. Thank you for having an affordable price and plan with this product.


My border collie developed extreme itchiness and flakes along her back. I was already giving her an omega 3 producy but it wasn't until I changed her to 1-TDC that this condition cleared up. I squeeze it from the heart onto my hand, then spread it on her gums with my finger. She loves it and hops up onto the window seat for me to apply her daily dose!

Fingers crossed

I started my 14 y/o chocolate Labrador on this two days ago….the reason I am in shock is because the sweet girls breath was sooooo bad. After the FIRST application, her breath is ODERLESS!! When she was in a room and panting, the room would be cleared out from the smelll. I brush her teeth, and anesthesia would be dangerous due to her liver and kidney disease, our vet said…it is tooo risky. I saw the ad for this, and rolled my eyes, there are so many different supplements for this and that…but I thought I would give it a try… she also has very bad mobility issues…she still has a spark and enjoys life, so I have zero problem using the “sling” to support her going in and out to do her business…on top of her breath miraculously improved, last night was the first night in literally months, that she was tossing and turning…she slept sooo peacefully, in fact I woke several times to make sure she was ok!
I hope I’m not “jinxing” things by reviewing too soon (I rarely write reviews however. I’m shocked!)
OH!!!! In addition I have a 19 year old Coal Kat that I’ve started on it as well, same result, toxic breath, and mobility…and same results so far!
Sorry this is so long, but Lordy this is “fingers crossed”
Terri, Emmy Hula, Coal Kat, Gabriel Theodore, and Lot-Tee-Da

Great product!!

Going to order more... Giving to 3 dogs.

Dental Report Card

I think it’s exceptionally important for older cats and dogs! Highly recommended

Works for me

I was taking a glucosamine chondroitin supplement and switched to 1-TDC. I am happy with the product. I also use the cream for pain and find it very effective.

I will be purchasing my 3rd bottle soon

I have been using this product on both of my Champion Smooth Collies bitches. Evie is almost 11 and Merida in 4, they are cousins. My older bitch is the one w/some issues and had to have several teeth pulled last year. I have definitely noticed a difference in the gum color on both of my dogs, especially on my older bitch Evie. Thanks for your product and good customer service!

pups love the taste

Dogs love the taste.


Just over a month ago, I had scheduled an appointment to put my 12 year old heart dog to sleep due to her not being able to walk and she would knuckle over. It tore my heart out just thinking and dreading that vet visit. I got on Facebook that day and I had seen this ad and Susan was talking about her older dog who has H.D. and she uses this product. I ordered after reading the reviews and canceled my dogs pts appointment. I prayed that this stuff wasn't a gimmick and really true. I can testify that after almost a month use of this, my old 12 year old girl is still with us, walking and getting up/ down on her own and able to do dog potties on her own. This product is all 100% truth. Her teeth are cleaner and the harder tarter on her teeth in the back is coming off . I don't know what is in this product that smells like beef marrow but it has saved my dogs life and I'm grateful. I highly recommend this product. It took a few to get into her system but she gets 2 capsules daily. I will forever be a customer. If you have any doubt, or hesitating in getting this and wondering if it'll help. You don't know unless you try and if it helps your dog like it helped my girl, Then what have you got to lose? ⁹

Going to give it a little bit more time.

So two of my dogs have been on this product for 30 days now I have noticed a slight improvement dental inflammation. Will be interesting to see how this is long-term both these dogs just had a cleaning. Haven't really noticed any type of improvement as far as mobility.

Happy Boxer Dogs

I am impressed with the results after giving our 12-1/2 and 6 year old Boxers 1TDC for one month now. Our older Boxer is moving better and both of their teeth and gums are looking much better as well. I will be a continued customer of this for my furry loved ones.


I put both my middle aged Schnauzers on it. Phil's breath smells great and Nick's energy has come back and isn't as ouchy after a very active day. Now I started Andy on it as well. I highly recommend and have been to my friends. Thank you!

Nick, Phil and Andy

Excellent product

I have no doubt this is an excellent product or I would not of ordered 3 bottles. I know people who use it and swear by its fantastic effects. However, my extremely picky dog disliked the taste.

Only 3 weeks and visible improvement

She’s a 7 year old pit bull who has always been very active. Would even jump on and off the trampoline in the back yard. I think she overdid it sometimes and is paying the price with joint issues in her knees. Since on this product only 3 weeks she’s able to get on the couch a lot faster and even tries to jump sometimes. I think it’s helped her spirit too. I’m eager to see what the next few weeks brings about! She loves the flavor !

Amazing Results in a short period of time

As a canine nutritionist I have searched for a way for our elderly labs to be safe post cancer surgeries and treatments. After consulting with my oncology vet I added in this product and have seen results that I feel warrant a review. My dogs are thriving with this products use. They appear physically to have more energy and I have greater peace of mind walking them in the neighborhood with various animals on walking paths. Their bloodwork looks good as well, and I am confident moving forward I will continue to add this product to their bowls

Review of IP-6

Jack,my Corgi, is 13 years old and has been on IP-6 now for 30 days. While it's a bit premature to say how it's working. I feel confident Jack's next wellness checkup with our Vet will indicate that IP-6 is keeping Jack health as a senior dog. Thank you worksSOwell for another amazing product.

Dogs love it

Not sure if it helped teeth or joints however, dogs like the taste.

Aussome product!

My Aussies love this stuff. It's great for their oral and joint health. I cannot imagine them without it.

Seems to be working. Teeth have improved. Both of my dogs are fairly young, so I can’t tell yet if it helps their joints, but I wanted to be proactive

Great Product

I purchased this for my niece's dog. She said there is already an improvement in the level of plaque on his teeth. His body is long and his legs are short so he sometimes has some discomfort in his hind leg. This seems to be helping with that. Will continue to be a customer! Thanks. (He is the dog in the middle of the photo)

My dog has been on this product for a month and I already see a big difference in his teeth. Highly recommend

Seems to Energize and Improve mobility

We are giving this to two of our with hip & elbow dysplasia and poor gum health and one who had a hip injury. Both of them seem to have become more mobile and whine less often. So far I think the TDC has helped. On a side note, they gave me some cream to try and I've used on my arthritic thumbs and it has helped more than anything else I've tried.

Love Your Product 1-TDC Oral Health - Mobility Support

I am extremely pleased with your product! I am on the 2nd month giving 1-TDC Oral Health - Mobility Support to my dogs. I love their energy level!

Awesome Product

My 10 year old Aussie's teeth look amazing and I do not brush them. I also have my year old Pup on it .My Aussie is still competing in Agility and just earned her Mach 2.

Great stuff

I had a distal femur replacement and I used this to relieve the pain. It helped me through an extremely painful recovery. I give it a 12 on a scale of 10. Thank you great for muscle cramps and pain.