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Definitely a difference in joint pain and using for my bone infarction after my knee replacement. It helps using twice a day.

A Different Product

Works so well is one of a kind! When I run out of it and substitute leftover products that I’ve tried before, I can tell the difference! I have arthritis in my knees and use it every morning! I live on the second floor! It gets me through the day! Thank you for helping with the pain!

Amazing Change in My 14 Year Old Labrador

My competition heart dog turned 14 in May 2024. She was showing decline for several months.Trying to get her to eat had become difficult.I seen an endorsement by Susan Garrett for 1-TDC. I trust her dog training expertise? I've tried everything. Thank you Susan for sharing this product link. 35 days after starting it my girl is eating well and gets up and down on her own again. She even is back to letting the younger dogs know when it's time to settle down. Thank you worksSOwell!

Best muscle cream I've ever tried

I am a very active 68 year old woman whose sports (windsurfing, wing foiling, mountain biking) routinely cause me much soreness. WorksSoWell sent me a small sample of the cream which my husband and I used and found it absorbs better and is more effective than any other product we have tried, and we have tried many! From oils to creams, nothing is more effective than this product. We promptly bought a bunch more. Highly recommend!

Proof positive

I did not buy a second bottle of 1-TDC. Instead I bought the leading joint supplement from Costco after a freinds recommendation. It did not take long before my 11 year old Chiweenie began limping again. Renewed my 1-TDC order. Limping diminished within a couple weeks. Proof positive!!

Love this product!

My four Vizslas are doing so well on this! They actually line up and wait for theirs every morning.
I notice their coats look amazing as well as the other benefits.

It does work so well

I golf and play pickleball and this cream works immediately on my sore muscles. I like the fact that it doesn’t smell at all. I will never be without it

Used for two months and didn’t notice a difference. My dogs liked the flavor.

Little dog have the worst teeth. Now a prince has entered the show

I have owned Doggie U for countless years and have seen many a tooth on a lot of dogs. My small dog has suffered with build up on his teeth. With the use of 1 TDC his teeth have progressively whitened and his gums are less inflammed. Additionally there is more peep in his step for agility. WOW what a product. Can't wait to see next month. P.S. my Bullmastiff loves it! I recommend 1TDC to my clients.


Stellar mobility support for both younger and senior dogs. My dogs line up to get these capsules.

I don't see a difference

It's been 24 days of usage and so far, I have not seen any changes, I don't see any difference in their teeth or any other difference. I have 6 dogs and they get 1 each a day. I won't be reordering.

My dog loves it

Too soon to tell on the results, but my dog loves the taste

My dog loves this product

We have a 10 year old Smooth Collie, Gracie. Our breeder recommended this for mobility and oral care. Gracie is doing very well with both

My Dog's Breath was Better Right Away!

They have not been takin g it long enough to see the benefit for the joints, but their teeth are cleaner! My 6 year old Sheltie had bad breath for years even though I brush his teeth. This fixed that issue right away!

It helps

My valhund has horrible teeth tarter and my corgi has shakey legs due to genetics. We start using this product back in March. They love eating it but hate when I put in their gums. All honesty, it does help with the tartar, no tartar build as much for my valhund especially, as for my corgi his mobility is so much better. I noticed he barely shakes now and has so much energy like a puppy all over again. We double checked if we wrong if we were just wasting money and we stopped using for 2 weeks and my puppers mouth started having bad breath, my corgi ached more and shooked more, and my valhund’s teeth had more tarter. 2 weeks in and their so much better again.

So far it’s good. Only six weeks so.

Great Product

Within one month of starting this supplement, my dogs had NO tarter build up! Previously, they had to have their teeth cleaned every 6 months. My vet was impressed by the lack of tarter at a regular check up appointment.


I purchased this for my senior dogs joints but I have to tell you not only does it work wonders on his joint but his teeth have never looked so good!

Restore mobility!

Had an almost immediate response to 1-TDC in that a shoulder and elbow had increased mobility and less pain. Thank you for helping sports injuries of many years!

A must have for me and for my dogs

I like to buy at least two bottles, because I don’t like to run out of this. It really gives me an ease of movement, along with the Sam e that I take every day.


My Chihuahua and Eskimo both like the taste. They want to lick it right off my finger.

It didn’t work so well for my dogs plus it gave one a body odor.


I am taking three capsules each morning and three each evening until the second bottle is gone then I'll order more and cut it to three a day. Your product was referred to me by my Homeopathic doctor and at this time I'm not sure if it's working. I'll give it a couple more months but I seem to be doing a little better joint pain-wise.

1-TDC is a miracle worker for my 13-year-old teeth, and joints.

I give 1-TDC to all my dogs, it has been a miracle worker for my 13-year-old! Her teeth and her mobility is unbelievable for a dog of her age. Still actively running agility and I see no slowing down yet. I always recommend 1-TDC to all of my students.

Pretty teeth again!

I've got two older dogs, one is 15 and one is 12, and they've been on various supplements for a long time so they're pretty mobile, but this works super super well for cleaning their teeth and it's easy to use