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As advertised

Started using as joint supplement but even happier with the clean teeth!

Your CBD oil worked well for my Giant Schnauzer, Dracula. Sadly, at the age of 16 his body could no longer support him. I'd like to think that CBD oil is what helped him last as long as he did; he was PERFECT and is missed terribly.

Still a must have for me

I have been using 1 TDC for a few years now and will continue to keep using it for both of my dogs. Most people are completely surprised when I say my older dog is 12 years old. I think 1 TDC has played a big role in that.

Amazing product for gum and bad breathe.

Cherry, our 14 year old heeler is starting to slow down a little, but still keeps up with the 6 yr old and 3 yr old. 1 TDC has help give her a boost in mobility.

Plus side for the humans, we break the 1TDC open for the gum and mouth benefits. Cherry had atrocious bad breathe...only a short few weeks in her bad breathe has subsided. We are hoping long term this will keep her teeth healthy through the rest of her years. Too old with not the best liver for a dental cleaning.
She has been on 1 TDC for a little over a year.

5 Stars!!!

I have used these for a couple years now and have seen great results in teeth and mobility. Will keep my dogs on them for life.

Great product

I have given 1TDC to my Sheltie for several years. It has made a world of difference in her mobility on a daily basis. She doesn’t mind eating the pill off her food. Thanks!

must have

As i get older the body wants to give out the product keeps me going

Great Product

I've been using this cream for arthritis in my feet for years.. Works great. Fast delivery and competitive pricing. recommended by my MD of 30 years.

5 stars

I give my dog 1TDC every day!
I love it! I even take for myself!
It works for both us very well!

Got my knuckles back

I have been taking your pills for over a year and my hands / knuckles haven't felt so good in years. Thanks!

1TDC Does work well!

Both of my 7yr old dogs take this, & are doing well. Happy and healthy kiddos 💓

Great customer service! The dogs are doing great on the product

1 TDC - Best product ever

We haves used this product 1 TDC for approximately 6 years now, and would highly recommend it for your dog. Our Border Collie, at one time, a Sport dog in flyball, started with it at about age 11. She was still running out the door and around our property until 17 yrs old. Our 12 year old Briard and Shilo Shepherd are doing very well taking this product. No walking issues at all. For large breed dogs, they are amazing.

Great Product !

I have a very rambunctious 8 year old yellow lab. I would like to keep him as active and happy for as long as I possibly can. 1-TDC came highly recommended and we are very excited to incorporate this into his daily routine!
I also had a shipping issue at the beginning of the month and staff were very responsive and helpful in getting us a new bottle of product! We are very happy customers! Many thanks from Megan and Oakley🐾

New spring in her step!

My 12 year old miniature schnauzer had a noticeable hitch in her step that couldn’t be diagnosed and was progressively getting worse.
I decided to give 1-TDC a try. In the first month, I noticed Cupcake moving much better and the lameness behind going away. She is about to turn 13, and I can’t keep up with her most of the time! She is “on the run”, literally, and feels great! I recommend 1-TDC to others with geriatric dogs and am sure this was a game changer for us!
Thank you!

Help for personal and foster dogs,

Very helpful not only for mobility but most helpful for dental health in geriatric dogs who are high risk for anesthesia for dentals.

Great product

My dogs ages 3, 7, and 12 get 1TDC every morning. We buy it in the 4 bottle pack to keep from running out. As athletes, I want to make sure they remain in tip top shape.

Great Product

I used 1TDC for my sheltie for the first time and noticed a considerable difference with his teeth and gums. I really noticed how much it helped him when we ran out and I wasn't able to get out to get it he would paw at his mouth. Great product so glad his physiotherapist recommended this product.

Seems like it may be helping him eat

Have been giving this to my 20 yr old cat with kidney disease for a month. He's happy enough to lick it off his paws, though at first it took him a while to notice that it was there.

He isn't grinding his teeth as much--or as alarmingly--as he was a month ago. We haven't been back to the vet since then, but next time he goes I'll be interested in finding out if the vet notices any improvement in the condition of his gums. He is underweight by a lot . . . hasn't gained anything since starting this. Still hoping for that.

Haven't noticed any difference in his mobility, but he hadn't been showing signs of arthritis before taking this (He's been getting Dasuquin for years.)

Does what it says.

My dog has had some teeth issues (gum infections) and had his knee repaired. This seems to help with both things. Love it.

Great product

I woke up with a very sore neck about 3 months ago. It does not seem to get better all. Only relieve I get is from this cream. Cannot recommend it more.

20 paws up!

We have 5 dogs and they all love this product. They each have their own special way of enjoying. Our 17-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai (with very few teeth), uses it mainly as a joint supplement. He can't chew the outside, so just licks the inside off a finger. Our 130# mastiff tripawd thinks these are chewing gum. Takes her forever to finish (she also eats the Klee Kai's outer portion.) There is an amazing amount of drool involved. Then there are the 3 doodles--one jumps up on a chair to make it easier to apply to the teeth and gums. One of the others, checks every day to be sure this is not the day we are trying to do him in; after checking, he loves it. And the last doodle is kinda dull, he just takes it like a dog normally would. All 3 doodles compete in agility and in dock diving and just returned from NADD NW Regionls.

Love 1TDC

As athletic competitors my Boys and I never worry about injuries with the joint supplement of 1 TDC and I get compliments from my vet about their tarter free teeth too!

Life saving!!’

I’m sure I’ve written a review before but I don’t mind writing another! I had just ordered my first bottle of 1TDC and it had shipped when my precious Halo became ill with liver failure due to teeth issues. I emailed 1TDC and told them my cat was not gonna live. In fact the Vet had said he wouldn’t make it thru the night. I was bawling my eyes out asking if I could return the product I was not gonna need it for my cat. By some miracle my cat survived!! I asked my Vet if I could give the 1TDC and she agreed. I started to give him the 1TDC and in 3 days of getting home from the hospital he was recovering so fast! It didn’t take me long to realize this stuff was amazing! It has been 9 months on 1TDC and his liver values are perfect! His teeth issues so much better. He went from 8 lbs up to 12lbs!!! My Vet said she wasn’t even going to worry about weight and to keep giving the 1TDC because it’s definitely working. We never miss a dose and we make sure Halo always had enough 1TDC!!! We can’t say thank you enough! I honestly believe 1TDC has given me more time with my darling baby!!! I will forever be grateful!