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I have been using this product for over two years and I absolutely love it. I recommend this product to all my friends and clients. My dogs love the taste. I no longer need to put my dogs through a dental which is very costly. I am very grateful to be able to get my hands on a product that does what is says it does.

Awesome product!!!!!

Best ever product for putting my dogs immune system up. About 2 years ago my Rhodesian Ridgeback, named Mario, had a spindle cell cancers tumor on his leg. I did a lot of research and I know that ip6 is very good for humans as my husband took it when he had lung cancer. Along with vitamin C IV therapy this ip6 helped my husband to stay alive for quite a long time.
There are many ip6 products out there but this one is the best. It has great reviews and the place where they make it is pristine. Just want to say thumbs up for this product and thank you for making it and for giving my dog a better quality.


The product has helped my 3 legged I believe with her teeth/ gums are her joints. I would recommend this product to anyone

Pain relieving Results Like no other supplement

I thought I had tried every supplement out there to relieve my chronic back and neck pain. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. After using 1TDC, I achieved measurable results. I have more energy, much higher endurance, and less pain. Even the supplements my orthopedic surgeon and integrative doctor recommended didn’t help me. I actually learned about the positive effects of 1TDC supplements after I purchased and used the “pet version” for my cat. Based on his response, I decided to give it a try. Thank you WorksSoWell for making these products. They have been a game changer for me and my fur baby!

Really works

I believe my dog enjoys having her upper gums rubbed and eats the capsule when we are done. It seems to help her movement when we walk or run in the woods. This product really works and I am happy with it!

Playful again!

Have used 1TDC for 3 weeks on my Golden. He is up and walking more, playful and engaged! Thank you!


This works as advertised my yr old plott hound has been on 2 pills a day the last 30 days. I have noticed huge gains in recovery, energy, no soreness after long hunts. I couldn't be happier and she couldn't be happier.

This stuff is great!

I have a go -to roll on for pain but I decided to try this because I noticed a pretty big change since I started taking the capsules. This stuff works great! I feel like its doing something deeper than masking the pain, more like it has the ability to help things heal more quickly. Definitely recommend! I have my friend and her hubby, my mother in law all using the caps, and I am about to buy more for both my parents!

Long life

My 16 year old (and 3 months) Border Collie just died. He was on 1-TDC virtually his whole life. I attribute his long life to the 1-TDC. Before that I had a Border Collie who died when she was two months from 16 years old. I also attribute her long life to the 1-TDC. They also had very little arthritis in their later years. My 6 year old Border Collie has pearly white teeth. I got her when she was 10 months old and she has been on 1-TDC from the first day I got her. I will always feed my dogs 1-TDC.

Still competing

My husband and I are both 60+. We each run a dog in competitive agility. When we started our dogs on 1TDC and saw a marked improvement in their performance we started ourselves on 1TDC for humans. It works folks!!

Oral relief

Here he is enjoying the fireplace with his brother at Christmas

Oral health for dog

Have used this product for about 2 years or more. My dog has a genetic immune problem with teeth. This seems to prolong the time between visits to our K-9 Dental Specialist.

I’m still staying on faith for this product

My dogs haven hunted and doing awesome unfortunately put a wrong order, and got doble for my self and none for the dogs, as far as my self the product seem to work good during the losing dose but kind of lost it now, knee is back in pain, but Im hoping with Gods healing, faith, exercise , good diet and this product, the pain will continue to stop, I’m still on high hopes !

Four Paws Up!

I bought this for my eight year old cat, Moe. Especially for his dental health. He was not impressed the first day but I didn’t give up. When I added a very, very small amount of CET chicken flavored toothpaste for cats to 1-TDC - it suddenly became Kitty Crack! He follows me around each morning, crying until he has had his magic happy teeth paste. He just licks it off my hand and looks very pleased with himself. Four Paws Up :)

Money well spent

This has absolutely cleaned up my pack’s teeth. I was a little skeptical but as It was Recommended by a friend, I decided to give it a try and I’m a believer! I have since recommended it to other friends who see the same results. My pups love it too and line up when I rattle the bottle. I apply it directly on their teeth/gums. If you are on the fence-give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Love this for my Agility pup!

I started my Toy Poodle on 1TDC when we got serious about agility and started going to trials. My little pistol loves this game and his energy and enthusiasm never wain. Gonna keep him on it forever!

Excellent Product

My 9+ yr old Labrador Retriever has kidney disease so I have to be very selective about the supplements we use. 1-TDC was recommended to us by his veterinary nutritionist and he has been using this product for almost 2 yrs now.Not only is this safe for him, but it also keeps him comfortable mobility wise and helps me keep his teeth clean. This is extra important since he can no longer get dentals. He will take this for the rest of his life and I always recommend it to anyone else with a senior pet they would like to keep as healthy and happy for as long as possible. Thank you 1-TDC!!!


Good stuff

Been giving this to my 11 yr old for a bit over a month and have seen a big improvement in her breath. I squeeze it out and rub on her teeth/gums. She likes it better than toothpaste.

Great stuff

I have been giving this to my 6 year old hound dog that was taking pain medicine for arthritis in his front leg, since starting tdc pills he has not had any pain meds and doesn’t limp at all. Wonderful product!

My dog's coat looks great!

My dog is looking great! Her coat is thicker and shinier. As I start my sport journey I want to know I am doing all I can to ensure that my pup is comfortable and healthy. Great product at an affordable price.

Redder Dogs & CBD Oil

I have beenusing this product for all 3 of my Labradors for the past several months. My " older two" who are brother and sister litermates (12.5 yrs. young)have some arthritis and Flynn was just diagnosed with Primary Airway Disease, along with some elevations in liver enzymes. I have increased his dosage to 29mg. Every 8 hours and it has really helped with the anxiety caused by coughing. He rests easier, still goes for his 2 walks with his sister ever day. Energy level for BOTH of them is great, as well as their appetites. My " little guy" is 16 months old and he is on an as needed dosage, for vet visits or extra crate time. Your product is great, and very well tolerated by my dogs.I plan to continue it for the duration with all 3! I recently placed an order, and was pleasantly suprised to receive 2 additional bottles as part of a contest you were having!😊It was a VERY MUCH APPRECIATED SUPRISE! THANK YOU!
Joann Redder, Flynn, OliviaRose & Harrison

Did Not Expect Results Like This!

My senior cat Bandit has been dealing with limited mobility due to his size (needs to lose weight) and age. Within a week of taking this, I’ve noticed a difference in his mood and ability to move around in a positive way! He now plays more and engages in excercise! It’s like he’s a kitten again. Highly recommended!

Keeps our 20 year old kitty going!

This product has dramatically helped our aging cat move better. We have owned cats our entire life and have never had one live as long. Cici is over 20 and she is still enjoying investigating empty boxes. Thank you 1 -TDC for keeping the kitten in our cat!

Great product

Have been using the 1TDC for a bit now and have really liked the results so far have noticed better movement in both dogs