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1-TDC keeps our old girl going

At almost 15 years old our blue heeler Cherry still acts and looks like a 8 or 9 year old. 1-TDC helps keeps her gums healthier as at her age unless absolutely necessary dental work isn't an option.

Thanks to 1-TDC our girl is more active.

The best Cat Supplement❤

My persian cat, Cotton has this really bad breath and whenever it's cold he would be sneezing every now and then. As his owner, I want the best for him, so I searched for a supplement that can help him. Fortunately, I found 1TDC, on his first week, I noticed that his immune system got really better, and no more stinky breath. I must say, he acts like a kitten, with the energy and speed of a kitten. His fur and coat is so fluffy and soft. No more sneezing. I love how he is being active and healthy. So, 1TDC will be his supplement forever.

Love 1-TDC

My dogs oral health has greatly improved.

Excited about this product

My young dog has only been using 1-TDC for a short time. He's doing well on it and his vet commented on how nice his teeth are for a small dog. Looking forward to continued good health supported by 1-TDC.

An informal test

My dog has received 1-TDC for 8 years, a littermate has not. The littermate looks years older.


I’ve only been using 1TDC for about a month and so far I’m impressed with the results. I will continue using this. I struggle with shoulder pain and I feel improvement already in how I feel when I get up in the morning.

Great immune support

My older dog has a great immune system, and I give this some if the credit! I sprinkle and he doesn’t mind it at all! Easy to give!

Great stuff!

1TDC has lots of good qualities! Great for teeth and joints, and even great to rub on sore spots, bruises and other inflammation! Been using this for years! It helps keep my 12+ year old going strong!

New customer

It's only been a little over a month since we started using 1-TDC, but already there is less gingivitis and my Boston Terrier's teeth look such healthier.

What a difference 1-TDC makes!

I’ve waited about 8 months to write this review but I can honestly say that I noticed the benefits of 1-TDC after about 3 months.
I have two Portuguese Water Dogs that compete in multiple companion & performance events (obedience, rally, agility, water work, scent work and barn hunt). I’m continually getting complimented on their shiny coats and white, healthy teeth. I combine 1-TDC with their raw diet, raw bones & teeth brushing daily to give them the best dental health possible. I also want to protect their joints so we can continue to enjoy the activities we love.
We are now signed up for the autoship option with Workssowell 1-TDC so we don’t worry about running out; plus we get a discount for doing so.
Thank you!

Great Product!

We've been using 1TDC for many, many years. Our Australian Cattle Dog will be 10 in June. She's doing great!

1TDC Fan

My Welsh Springer needed a dental cleaning at 1 year old. The next year the vet said he needed it again. I couldn’t believe it! He is 11 years old and he hasn’t needed anther cleaning since those two and since I started 1TDC.
He still moves beautifully too.
My new puppy loves her 1TDC. I’m hoping she won’t ever need a sedated teeth cleaning!

Amazing Product!

I’ve been using 1-TDC for almost a year now and my golden retriever loves it! She waits for it every night and while she doesn’t like brushing her teeth or having things put in her mouth she loves this and her teeth have never looked better! It’s hard to brush her teeth so this product has been a lifesaver for us. I have recommended this to several people and hope they will try it too! Thank you for making a product that actually works so well!

Great product for our whole family

I want to give my dogs all the best things to help them as athletes and companions and just general well being. My dogs compete in agility, dock diving, barn hunt, coursing and at one time flyball. They love the capsules, I just toss them in with their regular food and they gobble them right up. The Chihuahua, Terrier and Border Collie's all love their 1 TDC. I look forward to when the sport mix will be old enough to start. 1 TDC is a regular in our household.

It does work so well

Have used this product since my dog was 9m. Has one dental almost 8y. He does get his teeth brushed and checked by vet!

Is it a treat?!

My doggos think this is a treat, they love it so much! I love that it's good for them <3

Love Workssowell!

Our pup Phoibes breath had the beginnings of a gingivitis odor. Since using this product, her breath is as sweet as can be and she loves it. Thank you

Love them.

My crew love them. Easiest way to take care of their teeth.

Focus and Mobility

My dogs have been on the worksSOwell Organic Hemp oil since the product was first released. It helps my 13-year-old senior with her mobility and my active agility dogs with their focus and recovery time. I have tried several other canine CBD/hemp oils and have found worksSOwell to be the highest quality and most effective. I definitely recommend this product!

Good joint supplement both my dogs enjoy

My lab can be a very picky eater but she takes the supplement without issue. I have a 7 year old lab and almost 14 year old mix breed and they both seem to be doing well on this supplement.

IP-6 Immune Support

I can say that neither of my dogs have had any illness since starting this.
They go to shows regularly, and are around so many other dogs every weekend, but
things like Kennel cough are not a problem. They really seem to have a great immune system!

Cute heart shaped pill

My Lily Beth is not a fan of the flavor at all!! She fights me every time when I try to give it to her. Wish it came in a chicken flavor. But I do notice a slight change in her gate. Her left hip is the reason I got it. Will continue to give it to her. Hopefully a great outcome will be seen as far as her gate. We are also in the process of her losing weight.

11 year old cat turned into a kitten again

After a month on 1-TDC my 11 year old cat has become a kitten again. She is more active and playing more at night, which I hear and smile. Her fur has become silky smooth.

Senior Kitty with stiffness

My 15 year old cat has stiffness in his hips and base of his spine. He was always uncomfortable and at times required strong solutions that really altered his personality. I saw an ad for this site on C&M’s FB page and started looking at the products. I decided to try the CBD in hopes of reducing the need for stronger remedies. It’s been right at 3 weeks and I am so happy with the results so far. He is much calmer, relaxed and mobile. I am so thankful for a natural option that is actually working better!

No More Limping

Five months ago my 3 year old German Shepherd Dog began to limp noticeably. After trying joint supplements with no real success, we had her elbow x-rayed. It was inconclusive, but thought to possibly be arthritis. She has been on 1-TDC for 3 months now and is no longer limping, even after some strenuous ball throwing sessions. I’m beyond ecstatic. An added bonus is her healthy gums and teeth and a coat that is soft and shiny. I’m very happy with this product.