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Helps with healing

Last spring I broke my arm and ended up with a shoulder replacement. At first I was using the cream to relief the bruising and pain. After I got out of the sling I had to relearn how to lift my arm. My muscles hurt everyday as I had to exercise and regain my strength. The 1-TDC cream helped to relieve that pain. I used it often as it would warm the muscles and help me do more. I love this product so much I have bought bottles for everyone in my family and many of our friends. I can’t say enough good about it! I don’t plan on ever being without it in the house.


Since I am not a vet or veterinary dental tech, I cannot speak to the dental effectiveness of the product. I do know that three of my four cats lick it up and one eats the shells as well. For one cat I have to smear the paste on his teeth and gums. I will not know if the product reduces plaque until my vet and her dental tech next examine the cats. As far as mobility is concerned, my cats had no issues to start with, but if it makes them more comfortable I'm happy about that.


I am using the 1-TDC cream aduring massages and the clients really enjoy how it works. Do not want to use anything else ever again. Thank you for an awesome product.

Good product

My cat had only been using this product maybe 25 days but I do notice him more playful than before. I really hope this prevents any issues in the future. So far even though it hasn't been long I still definitely recommend anyone to try it. I am hoping to buy the human formula soon!

Very happy and satisfied.

My dog -Oscar- about two years ago tore the ACL in his left leg. The vet who examined Oscar said surgery was the only option for a full recovery. Then went on to tell me that surgery on such a small dog could be lethal as small dogs have trouble with anesthetic. I was reluctant to commit to surgery and asked for another opinion, a second vet suggested trying Myloxicam. This we did and it seemed to help Oscar but he was still limping and occasionally whining.
While searching the internet I came across 1-TDC I thought it looked promising so I ordered a bottle to try it. In three weeks Oscar had stopped limping and had started to climb stairs again. He would not eat the capsule but licks the contents off my finger with no trouble at all. Sometimes when it is very cold he will limp again when we go for walks. But overall I am very satisfied with product and have recommended it to several people over the last few years.

Great deal on a great product

I have used this for my dogs for a couple years now. I noticed no problem with even my older girls for movement. My older ones have passed now, and I'm starting my young pup out with this same product.

I learned about 1-TDC in a CE I attended on how to care for our three-legged pets. I started my own dog on this product, who is a front leg amputee to prevent joint inflammation and slow down the progression of mobility issues he may encounter in the future. Since being on 1-TDC for about 2 months now, I can definitely see a difference in his range of motion, his comfort, and his activity level. Highly recommend for all dogs!

Amazing cream

So glad I tried the cream, it's really great!🦋


Works great for my dogs and cats. They love the taste. My dogs are all active sport dogs except one who is retired. I have been using this product for many yrs and wouldn't be without it. Tartar free teeth and pain free joints.

I use this product for both myself and my dogs


This was a Christmas present. She reports less stiffness and easier mobility. She plans to continue on product so she must be pleased!


Do not deny your dogs. Just what their bodies are asking for. You will see the difference. In their Mobility and their coats. Try it

It just came in the mail today so haven't even opened a bottle yet to try it.

Another use for 1-TDC

In addition to using the 1-TDC in my dogs gums, I apply a small amount on her nose to maintain that nice black color.

Natural Joint Medication that helps

I have been using this product for a while now,and it does help my osteoarthritis in my knees. My chiropractor started me on this product. I used to buy it from his office,but have recently started to buy it myself on-line.

Great product!!

I started my tripod giant breed dog in this on the recommendation of an orthopedic vet. It’s made a world of difference! Within 3 days I noticed his mobility improve and then it continued to improve over the first month he was on it. It’s tasty so he does t mind getting it at all. The results were so good I started my other dogs on it too and noticed improvements in all of them with their mobility as well! I will definitely be keeping my fur kids on this and recommend it to others as well! Nemo says thanks!!

New life for older dog

Do not use this product unless you want to take more walks, longer walks, or are prepared to keep up with puppy like entertainment into the night. After one month this 13 year old got back to clean dinner bowls , sleeping through the night, and never ending energy for walks and play. Nothing given by vet seemed to correct the problems. Noticed improvement within a week and after a month my dog was back to normal. AMAZING !

Dogs love it!

My active dogs have been on this product for about 6 months now and are doing wonderful. We compete in Rally Obedience and Agility and I wanted to do all I can to help prevent injury and keep my dogs healthy. After enrolling in a webinar on Medial Shoulder Syndrome where the presenter highly recommended this product I decided to give it a go.

Great product

My dogs have been on 1TDC for well over 7 years now. My 13+ year old is still running agility and going for long walks. Helps them all tremendously!

Love the product

I absolutely love the product. The only thing is my cats are not a fan of the taste and the caps also don’t twist off like it says.

Fabulous product

Fabulous product for gums and joints. I notice an improvement in the mobility of my retired agility dog. Our dogs give us so much. This is something that we can give back for their health and comfort.

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Best joint cream ever!

I am using 1-TDC joint cream and gel capsules, and it keeps me pain free at all times! My soon 11 year old dog takes 1-TDC and still runs Flyball, agility, and catches discs all day. Couldn’t do without 1-TDC !

Love the cream

After spraining my ankle I found that I was very sore in the hip and lower leg muscles (tibialis anterior muscle). I used the cream and felt so much better. This is my go to when I am sore. Recommend it for after those workouts that you over did it on.

IP6 Benefits

With all the stress from Covid the new year is a perfect time to consider using IP6 to boost your immune system and that of your canine companion. I have been a distributor for Elite Science for 1TDC and IP6 for several years. Most performance trainers are aware of the benefits of ITDC but many haven’t considered IP6. My dogs and I have been taking IP6 for several years. It is often prescribed by oncologists for their patients on chemo to boost their immune system and many holistic vets have prescribed it for their canine cancer patients for the same benefits. I have a couple of people who are giving it to their dogs with hemangio and they have been in remission for years! At Rosehill we take it as preventative medicine. Inositol has many studies you can research and IP6 is made with the purest ingredients! Not only do I feel I am giving my performance dogs the best joint health but also making sure their bodies immune system is getting a boost to fight off toxins and free radicals. Thank you Elite Science for a great product!!

Active and Fit

We LOVE 1TDC. With my boys being active in so many different sports, I chose 1TDC simply because I see results. The little guy has "small-dog teeth" and the bigger boys do more strenuous activities so 1TDC made sense for us. Besides agility, disc, and bikejoring, we also do flyball, lure-coursing, hiking and goose management. Along with regular vet well-health visits and 1TDC I feel they are prepared to face daily activities head-on and managed from the inside out. Thank-you 1TDC!