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Quality product

I give the CBD hemp oil to my agility dogs to help them focus and relieve any aches they may get while competing. It works so well 😊

Satisfied Customer!

I'm very impressed with how well this product works! My chiropractor recommended it to me and now I recommend it to my friends. Thanks

Hemp Oil/CBD to the rescue

I have a giant schnauzer, Dracula, that is almost 16 years old. His back legs don't support him like they used to. Since starting him on your CBD/Hemp oil, he has better mobility. It took about a week of daily dosages, full dropper, to see the difference. I also supplement it with hip and joint treats. He's a much happier dog with this regime.

Incredible supplement!

I started my senior agility dog on 1 TDC during rehab after recovering from an illiopsoas tear that took 1.5 years to heal. I was skeptical Glucosamine was the best supplement I could be giving her. A few weeks after starting her on 1 TDC I saw a very noticeable difference in her range of motion, and activity level. She was able to do longer hikes and more difficult strength training exercises without pain. After a few months she was able to return to basic agility exercises and after 6 months was running sequences again. I didn't have many expectations, but I'm happy to say she went to 2 national events after starting 1 TDC and even placed in the top 4 in several events. I don't think she would still be doing agility at 12 years old now if it weren't for 1 TDC. Retirement is soon and I'm very grateful 1TDC helped to give us a few more years together as an agility team. 1TDC is a very good supplement and I will continue to use it for all of my dogs.

Helpful product.

1-TDC has helped freshen my 12 year old lab’s, breath. I believe it has helped her joints too. We go for walks and she’s active in her gait.

The best results for dental/gum disease

Cavaliers are know for gum disease, she has not needed to have her teeth cleaned in a few years and her gums look so healthy! So glad my Vet recommended this product ❣️

Proven effective!

My cat has been on this supplement since he's 12 years old and he's 19 turning 20 years old now. No vet would want to put him under anesthesia for tooth extraction or prophylaxis and this is the only safe longterm supplement for a cat suffering with periodontal disease. The effects on joints is a bonus because so far, he doesn't have arthritis, and praying to God that he will never suffer the pain of arthritis.

Very Pleased with Order

So far I am very pleased. Dogs seem to be doing well on it.

Daisy Daisy

She is a 5 year old Golden Retriever, retired from breeding. We have had her for 6 months.
She has a very laid back personality and has had no experience with long hikes. I am trying 1TDC
to see if we can improve her fitness and help her to progress with more activity. So far I'm pleased.

So far so good

Mainecoon kitten with gingivitis on his top gums was recommended this product by my vet, once bought & used over time had a positive effect. Currently still treating front gum line, his sides have shown significant improvement. Applying it is a challenge, an obstacle I overcome with treats.

Healthy gums finally!

After tooth cleaning and using workssowell my poodle has nice pink,not red , gums and no more bad breath.
He also loves the taste and would swallow it before I put it on his gums if I let him.

So far, after 30 days, I haven't noticed any difference in my cat. Hoping for a good report in her dental checkup when
she goes for her annual visit.

Love this stuff

1-TDC joint cream is the best, better than biofreeze. When my knee is sore I use this and pain is gone and I can run agility again.

1-TDC Cream

Thanks is absolutely the best muscle and joint cream I have ever used! It truly does what it says it will. I’ve recommended it to all my agility friends! I won’t be without this cream ever!!

This really helps!

I'd been having trouble with my ankle joints - feeling like the many times I've twisted or sprained one or the other was catching up to me. Decided, since 1TDC supplement has helped my dogs (and I've used the cream for achey joints before), maybe I should try it myself! After 30 days, my ankles feel stronger - no pain, no feeling wobbly. I plan to stick with it.

Does What It Promises!

I have bought the 1-TDC cream for myself several times. I am so pleased with the results that now I am sharing it with friends and family. I have given away 4 bottles thus far! Everyone is equally as pleased.
The best thing about it is how it relieves pain quickly and effectively. Also has a pleasant and not overwhelming scent and tingle.
A satisfied customer!

Improved Mobility - and cleaner teeth too!

My very active Cattle Dog pup injured her back four months ago, and had continued to exhibit stiffness and discomfort every time I took her off her anti-inflammatory meds. I read about 1-TDC and after three months of her being a recurrently sore and mopey pup, I decided to give 1-TDC a try. I rub one capsule on her gums every morning and she happily eats the rest of the capsule. It has made a huge difference. She now back to her happy, bouncy self. Her extra clean teeth and breath are a great bonus.

Great stuff!

I use it almost every night on one ache or another. Back and neck mostly. Wake in the morning with no pain and sleep better too.

Essential Supplement For Us

We have been using 1TDC since Clean Run first advertised it for humans and dogs. We met Olivier at the Eukanuba show in Orlando and stated using the cream as well. My husband and I take the capsules every day and it really helps with inflammation and pain from arthritis. Our ten and twelve year old dogs take it every other day as suggested, and they have clean and healthy gums and have no problem jumping and moving. I have stopped taking it for a couple months at a time, and I really felt the difference. I hope to keep a steady supply of it from now on.

1-TDC Topical Cream

I am completely satisfied with my 1-TDC Topical Cream. I use it for the pain from my Piriformis Muscle Syndrome. It's especially helpful with limiting my pain so I can sleep through the night. Plus, I love the scent. :-)

Easy to give my kitty the 1TDC

I've been giving my 10.5 year old kitty 1TDC for about one month, it's easy to give it to her -- I squeeze the 1TDC from the capsule onto a few pieces of freeze dried chicken breast (after she's had her meal). She loves it, (because she loves freeze dried chicken) :D so it's no problem giving it to her.

I bought this for dental issues, not sure if it's made a difference in her mouth, she's due to for a dental soon anyway, plus it hasn't been 6 weeks yet, per Workssowell for me to see a difference. She does seem to have more energy though. We'll continue to use this! I bought this on recommendation from Ingrid King, Conscious Cat.

GREAT Muscle/ Joint Cream fOR mY bAD kNEES

I really feel that this cream works well for me.I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees. I need total knee replacement surgery, but I'm trying to wait until I go on Medicare in January. I'm hoping that this cream and your 1-TDC supplement will get me through until then

Have used this product for several years. Both dogs teeth and overall condition are great! Highly recommend this product! My vet is so pleased with their teeth and overall condition!

Helps A Lot

works fairly well on relieving some pains associated with arthritis

My Akita is charging ahead w 1-TDC

6 yr old Akita has turned up his speed and grace in the last 2 weeks in both his daily training, and weekly agility class.