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1-TDC® Joint and Muscle Cream

1-TDC® Joint and Muscle Cream


"This cream has been such a help with soreness following agility runs, as well as too much driving or gardening! It works on a myriad of muscle and joint issues, and it works fast. I won't be without it!!"

~ Betsey Lynch

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Experience 1-TDC® Cream

Elevate Your Performance, Empower Your Recovery!

Superior Absorption

1-TDC® Cream quickly permeates through ALL the layers of the skin reaching deep into muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Fast Relief

Experience Rapid Relief: 1-TDC® Cream Soothes Stiff Joints, Muscles, and Injuries in 5-10 Minutes


Powerful Formulation

Experience the Unparalleled Power of 1-TDC® Cream: A Potent Formulation that transforms your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, improving mobility, reducing stiffness, and alleviating severe discomfort.

Play Harder

Optimize Performance and Recovery with 1-TDC® Cream: Your Essential Pre and Post-Workout Solution for Athletes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Charlotte Luebbers
A Different Product

Works so well is one of a kind! When I run out of it and substitute leftover products that I’ve tried before, I can tell the difference! I have arthritis in my knees and use it every morning! I live on the second floor! It gets me through the day! Thank you for helping with the pain!

Shoulder Pain Relief

Having rotator cuff shoulder problems exorbated with bursitis arthritis. 1-TDC is bringing me topical relief to the sore muscles and tendons as I am going through the recovery. I feel confident and safe using it. Have used this product for several years and highly recommend it.

Connie Gibson
Great product

I have been using this for years for my occasional aches.only cream I’ve ever found that actually works and is quick acting.
I have recommended it to to several of my friends and family. I keep extra bottles to hand out and none have ever been returned!!

Suhail Gibson
Effective and fast relief

My son was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome, clonus and hyperreflexia. He is just 19 and he lives in constant and excruciating pain. My mom got him some of this cream and it’s the only thing OTC that offers him some relief. It also works really quick. We apply it on his knee, neck and whole back.

Diana Junco

My mom has chronic arthritis. After my regular purchase of 1-TDC pet capsules, I received a small sample of this joint cream, so I gave it to my mom. She absolutely loved it and now calls it a 'miracle cream'. It does not take all her pain away, but it is a major relief. I bought her more and I noticed she was not using it regularly, so I asked her if it was not working as well, and she told me that she was 'saving it for emergencies'. I told her to use as much as she needed, the entire bottle if needed, and I would always get her as many replenishments as she needed.

Thank you for including the free sample, because otherwise we would have never thought to try it!