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1-TDC Joint & Muscle Health Daily Supplement (90 Soft Gels)

1-TDC Joint & Muscle Health Daily Supplement (90 Soft Gels)


This really helps!

I'd been having trouble with my ankle joints - feeling like the many times I've twisted or sprained one or the other was catching up to me. Decided, since 1TDC supplement has helped my dogs (and I've used the cream for achey joints before), maybe I should try it myself! After 30 days, my ankles feel stronger - no discomfort, no feeling wobbly. I plan to stick with it.

~ Lori Eliot

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Experience the 1-TDC® difference

Optimum Supplement for Joint & Muscle Wellness

Cellular Lubricant

Nourishing and lubricating your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments at a cellular level, promoting optimal joint function and reducing discomfort.

Revitalized Cells

1-TDC® promotes healthy inflammatory responses at a cellular level reducing stiffness.


Improved Mobility

1-TDC® supplement is a complete orthopedic solution for supporting not only your joints but also your muscles, tendons and ligaments. It promotes healthy mobility.

Embrace an Active Life

Our 1-TDC® Joint & Muscle supplement helps you lead a happy and fulfilling life by promoting Joint & Muscle health, ensuring you stay active and engaged in the activities you love.

  • 1-TDC® (1-TetraDecanol Complex from Beef Tallow)

    Experience the power of the specialized fatty acid 1-TDC®—a unique blend of oils that promote healthy inflammatory responses at a cellular level. Rapidly absorbed in your body, 1-TDC® has been clinically researched to improve comprehensive care for joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

    1. Enhances joint and muscle health for increased mobility.
    2. Supports a healthy inflammatory response.
    3. Aids in faster recovery after physical activity or injury.
    4. Promotes overall well-being and vitality.
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

    Wild Alaska salmon offers numerous health benefits for pets, including promoting a healthy coat and skin, aiding in maintaining muscular strength, and supporting cardiovascular health due to its rich omega fatty acid content.

    1. Rich in omega-3s for healthier skin and coat.
    2. Supports cardiovascular health and immune system.
    3. Reduces joint stiffness and improves mobility.
    4. Contains antioxidants to protect cells from damage.
    5. Aids in cognitive function and healthy brain development

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jennifer Royce
I'm impressed

I started taking this about 3 weeks ago and my knees definitely feel better. I just spent a weekend at an agility trial and was able to run and be on my feet all weekend without living on Advil.

I also have been exercising more regularly, so there may have been some benefit from that, so I can't say the improvement is a direct causation from the 1-TDC, the increased activity, or a combination of both, but I'm super happy with the lack of pain!

Roy Quirarte Customer
I think is working

I think the product is working for me after a month of taking it, I have pain on my knees for working as a Wildland firefighter for over 15 years, and a knee injury that happened to me last year, and been guiding elk hunts on rough steep terrain for the las month and my knee feels a lot better I noticed my pay is been lest in the last two weeks, as far as my hound dogs one of them is almost 13 years old I haven’t noticed any change but I haven’t hunted her, I have another one that broke he’s leg due to a horse kick, he’s still limping but we did jump out of his kennel twice two days ago, so it might be working on him too, I’ll be able to review the product when I’m done elk guiding and start hunting the dogs on mountain lions

Shannan Johnson
It works so well!!!!

My knees used to get so stiff, even after only sitting for a short period of time. The fluid movement is back in my joints. I feel like time turned back to a younger me.



I’ve only been using 1TDC for about a month and so far I’m impressed with the results. I will continue using this. I struggle with shoulder pain and I feel improvement already in how I feel when I get up in the morning.

Works As Well As Prescription Anti-Inflammatory

An aging arthritic knee has crippled my mobility for more than 3 years, bones scraping each other, 24-hour pain, unable to climb stairs from car park to home. For the first 18 months or so my primary health care person refilled a daily diclofenac pill without question, then without explanation or discussion, she stopped being reliable or cooperative about this prescription which allowed me to have a pain-free day. I discovered that OTC diclofenac gel had become available without a prescription around the same time that she became so uncooperative, so I began using that but the gel has it's drawbacks: I had to remember to apply the gel 3 times daily or it wouldn't work; and there was about a 1-2 week initial use period of 3-x-daily application before it really began helping. I'd been giving 1-TDC (human grade) to my elderly Sheltie for a couple of years, and had 2 full bottles on hand when he died, so I started taking it myself. Amazingly, it works as well as diclofenac prescription pills, and as well as the 3-x-daily diclofenac gel. So I'm back to the convenience of a once daily pill, with the diclofenac gel held in reserve for flare-ups. Thank you 1-TDC!