Periodontal Surgical Equipment

Periodontal Surgical Equipment

Dr. James Anthony Dr. James Anthony
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Periodontal Surgical Equipment

Periodontal surgical equipment is very important. The most common procedure will be raising flaps to facilitate tooth extraction. I was trained by human maxillofacial surgeons and, as such, will use hand instruments more often than a high-speed bur to get better, smoother results.

The operator must use the equipment for the proper function otherwise, damage to the equipment will occur and procedures will become more complicated with more tissue damage. Dental instruments are delicate and precise and are crafted for use in specific situations. Proper maintenance is crucial for longevity and function of the instrument.

A Hirschfeid root planning file is excellent for fine crestal bone filing. It is far smoother than using a bur to smooth off the bone and less traumatic. A Sugarman file is useful for excessive bone removal and still offers a better smoother finish than a bur on a high speed.

A Fedi bone chisel is used to remove fine bone spurs, especially with cats.

An Ochscenbein chisel is used to allow smooth contouring of bone.

Periosteal elevators -There are many types. I prefer the Freerer or a Mead periosteal elevator to reflect the gingival tissues off the bone. Remember these instruments should have a sharp surface to facilitate cutting the periosteal fibers on the bone.

Scalpel handle - I prefer a round handle to facilitate the movement of the handle in a curved environment.

A #11 scalpel blade allows for more precise cutting with less tissue damage.

Thumb grasping forceps with serrated edges - These allow for security against tissue slipping without tissue damage.

Della retractor – This allows for gentle secure tissue retraction in the oral cavity. This instrument was specifically designed for function in the oral cavity and is by far easier to use than any other tissue retractors.

A Castroviejo needle holder allows for easier access to the oral cavity.

La Grange scissors are curved and facilitate ease of use in the oral cavity.

This is a partial list and what works best in one’s hands may differ from another. But in over 40 years of teaching, I have found these instruments to work better in most individuals’ hands, allowing for more comfort and better ergonomics. Next week’s tip will focus on Extraction Equipment.

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