Extraction Equipment for Periodontal Surgery

Extraction Equipment for Periodontal Surgery

Dr. James Anthony Dr. James Anthony
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Extraction Equipment

This list of equipment is on top of the list for Periodontal Surgical Extraction Equipment we discussed last week.

Once again, the operator should buy good quality equipment and, if looked after and used properly, will last many years.

Pedo upper molar universal serrated extraction forceps - These forceps allow the operator to extract most teeth with ease in both dogs and cats.

Peets root extracting forceps - This tool is worth its weight in gold. This tool has made extractions far easier for me. Let’s face it, everyone breaks teeth and gets retained roots. This instrument facilitates the easier removal of the root tip, saving valuable time and operator frustration.

Winged elevators #2,3,4,6 and 8 – These allow the operator to extract any tooth in a dog’s mouth and being winged speeds up the extraction process.

W1,2, and 3 feline elevators – These are great for feline extractions and in retained root tips.

A C100 elevator is useful with most feline tooth extractions and small teeth in dogs.

Since these instruments are small and delicate, proper use and care are essential for the longevity of the instruments.

Our next blog will be on equipment care, storage, organization, and sharpening.

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