What is 1TDC?

What is 1TDC™?


How to give 1TDC™ to your dog!

Step 1: Twist open the capsule or cut the tip off Step 2: To receive both oral and joint/muslce benefits, apply the contents to the upper gums of your dog's mouth. A small portion will be absorbed into the gums and provide the periodontal benefit and the rest will be swallowed and circulate throughout the body to provide the joint and muslce benefits. (see video above) Step 3: Feed the remaining soft gel as a treat

How to give 1TDC™ to your cat!

Twist open the capsule then proceed with one of the following -
  1. Squeeze capsule and let them lick it as it exits the capsule.
  2. Apply to their food dish and mix with a couple pieces of hard food. A cat's natural licking motion will distribute the product onto the gums sufficiently.
  3. Gently squeeze the capsule contents into the mouth. Squeeze half on one side and then the remainder on the other side.
  4. Squeeze capsule contents onto their nose or paw and they will lick it off.
Feed the remaining capsule to your cat as a treat!

How do I know how much 1TDC™ to give to my pet?

When starting to give your pet 1TDC™, we recommend to begin with a loading dose for the first 30 days and then give as outlined for maintenance.

As a general rule of thumb, give 2 softgels a day per 50lbs for the first 30 days of use and 1 soft gel a day per 50lbs thereafter.

1tdc dosage chart

Our Mission

1TDC™ was built upon the mission of providing superior wellness products that promote oral health and mobility for cats and dogs at every stage of life. How We Got Started Mark, a cat lover, and Olivier, a dog lover, co-founded 1TDC™ out of a shared passion to create a product that solved both feline and canine oral health and joint/hip/mobility concerns. Evidence-Based Products Mark and Olivier recognized that other oral health and mobility products on the market offered minimal results at best. They came together to provide pet owners and canine trainers with an all-natural product backed by research and proven results. Through 1TDC™ technology and research, pet owners and veterinarians experienced measurable results. World-renowned canine sports trainers and competitors started using 1TDC™ and noticed improved performance, faster recovery and healthier teeth and gums. They began requesting their veterinarians to carry the product in their practices.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about 1TDC™:

1-TetraDecanol Complex, which is the molecular name. 1TDC™ is a patented blend of fatty acid oils.Yes, allergies come from protein and 1TDC™ is a fatty acid. So, your pet should be safe.Omega 3 fish oils provide great general health benefits. However, when it comes to joint health, 1TDC™ provides superior results. Also, fish oils provide very limited periodontal benefit. Therefore, continue to use fish oils for general health and add 1TDC™ for superior gum and joint health results.YES, it is significantly less expensive than other joint health products and provides twice the benefits, supporting both gum and joint health.Extremely palatable, since it is derived from beef tallow. Pets see it as a treat...even cats.1TDC™ is a proprietary blend of fatty acid oils from beef tallow derived from grass-fed animals.1TDC™ has an affinity for white blood cells, which makes it a more targeted and effective solution. Additionally, 1TDC™ is transdermal which gives it the ability to effectively be absorbed and work locally.1TDC™ provides superior results due to its unique properties. Put it to the test. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.NO. Teeth cleaning is critical to remove plaque and tartar, a key element to oral health. 1TDC™ addresses the other part of oral health. It targets the health of the gums directly. 1TDC® should be used with every dental cleaning and procedure because it complements and enhances those procedures. Additionally, 1TDC™ is an excellent choice in situations when teeth cleaning cannot be performed for some reason.