1TDC's 6-Point K9 Joint Health Checklist

Is your dog slowing down? Perhaps they are less eager to greet you?


Be Your Pet's Advocate - Download this FREE checklist now: 1TDC's 6-Point K9 Joint Health Checklist

canine joint health

1TDC's 6-Point K9 Joint Health Checklist:

  • Evaluate what has changed in your dog
  • Understand the signs, causes, and treatment of joint discomfort
  • Find out how to prevent joint discomfort and keep your pet feeling their best!

Recognizing changes in your pet is important to note and discuss with your veterinarian as they can be signs of joint health issues.

We've put together a comprehensive 6-point checklist to help you determine if your own four-legged friend is suffering from joint discomfort.

The goal of this checklist is to quickly and easily document the problems you are seeing in your loved one in order to have a better conversation with your veterinarian about these signs.

dog at vet

Your dog's overall health and quality of life depend on you being mindful of his/her joint health!

A dog that can't stand without having pain is not living the best quality of life possible.

Knowing what signs and symptoms your dog is experiencing is helpful when talking to your veterinarian, as this will help guide them through an exam and make recommendations about lifestyle, supplemental, and medical treatment options to help your loved one!

Start taking your dog's joint health seriously today!

canine joint health