Regaining Canine Mobility: The Story of Susan Garrett and Encore

Regaining Canine Mobility: The Story of Susan Garrett and Encore

It’s safe to say that Susan Garrett’s dog Encore—a beautiful Border Collie with a heart of gold—is one tough canine!

After suffering from encephalitis brought on by a tick infection, Encore underwent months of rehabilitation. Garrett, a world-renowned dog trainer and multi-time champion of agility, worked tirelessly to help her 4-legged friend recover. And though Encore experienced a few setbacks along the way, she was eventually able to become a happy, active dog once more.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only major hurdle Garrett and Encore have had to overcome…

Struggling with Canine Mobility

Like many purebred Border Collies, Encore has also struggled with canine hip dysplasia, specifically in her left hip.

To relieve her pain and reduce inflammation, Encore was prescribed steroids—medication that Garrett later discovered can sometimes cause the soft tissues to break down. Though Encore’s right foot wasn’t affected, her left foot began to bend, which forced her down almost to her elbow.

“Her left leg just started collapsing…”

The sight of Encore’s hobbled walk was understandably troubling for Garrett, and the agility expert lived in constant fear that her dog’s wrist would one day break.

To give Encore’s wrists additional support and decrease the risk of a break, Garrett would have Encore walk with wrist guards. This preventive measure was used for quite some time, as Garrett was certain that allowing Encore to walk without the bands would result in her left leg snapping completely.

But this wasn’t the only way in which Encore’s canine mobility was hindered by her hip dysplasia…

As her condition progressed, Encore would require assistance getting in and out of Garrett’s motor home. Assuming that it was simply the way things would be from then on (after all, Encore was about 12 years old at the onset of her symptoms), Garrett helped her furry friend each and every day, lifting Encore’s back end to compensate for the dog’s inability to climb into the motor home herself.

For roughly 2 years, Garrett did everything she could to ensure Encore’s comfort and support—that is, of course, until she was persuaded to try a supplement designed to help with canine mobility. 

Discovering a New Way to Improve Canine Mobility

As a long-time member of the agility community, Garrett had been (and continues to be) exposed to virtually every canine performance product on the market, including 1TDC™.

In fact, Garrett had previously tried 1TDC™ with her competition dogs. However, she hadn’t given the supplement to her older dogs to see what effects it would have.

Susan’s friend at 1TDC™ encouraged her to give the supplement to Encore, stating that it would help support her teeth and gums. Knowing how important oral health is to a dog’s overall well-being, Garrett decided to take her friend’s advice and proceeded to give Encore the supplement every day.

The result? Changes in Encore that Garrett wouldn’t have believed if she didn’t see them firsthand!

After 6 months of giving Encore the 1TDC™ supplement regularly, Garrett started to notice her Border Collie’s bad left leg getting better. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, Garrett carefully considered any other causes for Encore’s improvement.

When she realized that she hadn’t made any other changes to Encore’s regimen beyond the addition of 1TDC™, Garrett discovered that she’d found the best solution yet for canine mobility issues.

“You will NOT believe the difference since we put her on this 1TDC™.”

Encore’s bad left leg wasn’t just straightened out… She also began flying up and down the motor home stairs by herself again—a feat she hadn’t been able to accomplish for years!

Seeing such impressive results in a senior dog suffering from hip dysplasia prompted Garrett to start giving 1TDC™ to all of her dogs. And it’s a practice she still continues to this day.

Waving the Flag for 1TDC™

“I’m happy to stand up and wave the flag for 1TDC™. My dog Encore is absolute living proof of what a difference it made to her leg.”

Garrett is now happy to “stand up and wave the flag” for 1TDC™, encouraging others in the agility world to provide their performance dogs with the supplement as a means of supporting joint health, improving mobility, reducing recovery time, maintaining explosive muscular power, and more.

She’s also quick to point out that there is scientific evidence to back up the effects of this unique fatty acid complex on dogs of all ages and activity levels—not just with regard to joint health and sports performance but oral health, skin condition, and coat luster as well!

For Garrett, 1TDC™ has truly proven to be the 4-in-1 wellness solution her dogs need.

And with her vocal support, other agility experts from across the globe have been able to experience the effects of 1TDC™ themselves!

Celebrating Encore’s Good Health

A little more than 8 years ago, when Encore was lying in an emergency room after suffering a seizure, Garrett was advised to say goodbye. But with good medical care, support, and a lot of strength, Encore persisted.

Roughly 4 years ago, when Encore was struggling to perform such basic tasks as walking up and down the stairs of her home, Garrett assumed she’d have to accept her dog’s state. But with the help of 1TDC™, Encore bounced back yet again.

This past February, this amazing Border Collie celebrated her 15th birthday. And according to Garrett, her “walking miracle” is just as active as ever—her brain as quick and clear as it was when she was 2 years old!

Garrett and Encore’s story is one full of trials, but through it all, this agility expert and her 4-legged friend have remained tough—allowing Encore to reach 15 years old and still occasionally exhibiting a puppy-like demeanor!

Though Garrett’s discovery of 1TDC™ is just part of the tale—with it playing a small role in getting Encore to where she is today—the supplement’s effects on her canine mobility can be seen in every jump, every walk, and every run.

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