Masters Agility Championship at Westminster

Masters Agility Championship at Westminster

Masters Agility Championship at Westminster Featured here are the overall Masters Agility Champion winner, the highest scoring All-American Dog winner, and each of the five height division winners: Howie Howard Carr with Pink won 8", Laura Dolan with Pre won 12", Jennifer Crank with P!nk won 16", Jessica Ajoux with Fame won 20" and overall Masters Agility Champion, Amber with Kaboom won 24", Liz Buckner with the All-American Jefe
The Westminster Kennel Club held its 142nd annual dog show in New York City this week, from February 10 through the 13. We were able to attend the increasingly popular K9 agility sport part of the event, which was introduced in 2014. The high-energy event featured dogs jumping through tires, running through tunnels, and balancing on see saw planks. The top-notch Masters Agility Championship is in a class of its own. The filming, tight security, and excitement from every person and four-legged competitor in the building gave Saturday’s finals the feel of a year-end NFL game. Those of us from 1TDC™ were able to meet up with several friends, including current and past champions, and organizers, as we arrived early to watch the agility finals. We talked with a number of competitors and caught a glimpse of how they prepare for such a reputable and intense event. People from all over the United States gathered to participate in and spectate the finely tuned Masters Agility Championship. As the crowd responded to every move the dogs made, it was evident that this was a high-level competition.

The Keys to Success for High-Level Events

In order to compete in the agility championship round, a dog must complete two qualifying rounds of a Standard Agility course and a Jumpers with Weaves course. These courses are intense and require concentration and conditioning training to prepare for the obstacles. It’s no wonder the agility event has great spectator appeal. The dogs race against the clock and must be able to perform quick movements with optimal explosive muscular power. As with any athletic event, the conditioning before and the recovery after leads to next-level performance. The Westminster agility event lasted only one day, but most of these dogs compete at the top level for multiple-day trials. This can exhaust the dog—or worse, cause injury—if they are not properly prepared.

5 out of the 6 champions use 1TDC™

Every handler knows that warm-ups, conditioning, and recovery are essential to keeping their dog in the game. At Westminster this year, five out of the six champions used 1TDC™ as a regular supplement to their training routine. Why? Owners and handlers have seen 1TDC™ increase mobility, improve stamina and recovery time, and help maintain optimal performance during intense training sessions while preparing for high-level competitions. For this reason, trainers, handlers, and veterinarians are recommending 1TDC™—not just for the canine athlete, but for every dog at every stage of life. Your canine companion can benefit from an evidence-based product shown to improve dogs’ overall health and wellness for a longer, happier life.

Upcoming Events

Attending events such as Westminster allows us to see firsthand how this next-generation supplement is improving mobility in canine athletes. It’s amazing to hear stories about senior dogs that are happy, healthy, and still capable of competing. Contact us today to speak with our team about how 1TDC™ can improve the life of your four-legged friend. You’ll often find us at local, regional, and national events too. We’ll be at the AKC National Agility Championship in Reno, Nevada, from March 23 through the 25. If you’re in the area, stop by our booth and learn more about our products. Keep checking back for updates on upcoming events, testimonials, and the latest research regarding 1TDC™.
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