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European Open Junior Agility 2018 to Take Place July 13-15

Posted by WorksSoWellforPets on

European Open Junior Agility 2018 to Take Place July 13-15
The 2018 European Open Junior (EOJ) Agility tournament is scheduled for July 13-15 at the Selevia Hoeve in Werkendam, Netherlands. The EOJ is officially recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), or World Canine Organization, and participants are required to follow the FCI Agility regulations of 2012. Every year, this exciting event brings together young agility athletes from all over the world. In fact, this year’s competition will feature more than 500 participants from 25+ countries! Participants are welcome to enter any dog in the competition, provided that the dog has a record book issued by a National Member Organization of the FCI or a National Organization with a close relationship to the FCI. The young agility athletes representing the United States in this year’s EOJ form Team USA. And 1TDC™ is proud to be one of Team USA’s sponsors for this year’s event!
Photo Credit: Jennifer Godwin Minto
The following individuals, led by Coach Susan Cochran, will be headed off to The Netherlands soon to compete: Small Dog Team Anna Gigstad: Cali (Poodle) Emma Hughes: Milly (Shetland Sheepdog) Brie Schaff: Streak (Shetland Sheepdog)   Medium Dog Team Claire O’Neil: Ama (Keeshond) Claire O’Neil: Skye (Keeshond) Elsje McDonald: Ruby (Nederlandse Kooikerhondje) Natalie Spinsby: Fire (Shetland Sheepdog) Morgan Vance: Shadow (Shetland Sheepdog) Morgan Vance: Scrat (Border Collie) Sasha Zitter: Jinx (Poodle)   Large Dog Team Avery Adams: Spark (Border Collie) Anneka Dahle: Bama (Border Collie) Madison Edmunds: Meridian (Border Collie) Gabriella Kabakchieva: Scotty (All-American/Mixed Breed) Ryan Klamm: Bandit (Border Collie) Kai Macauley: Stitch (Border Collie) McKenzie Minto: Safari (Border Collie) Finley Richgels: Charisma (Border Collie) Isabel Tagtow: Missy (Border Collie) Radence Tsow: Ammo (Border Collie) Dynah Woodman: Osie (Dutch Shepherd) Katie Doane (alternate): Jeff (All-American/Mixed Breed) Kylie Doherty (alternate): Rosie (All-American/Mixed Breed) Hope Hindenach (alternate): Jagger (All-American/Mixed Breed)

Click here to read interviews from Team USA members!

After the opening ceremony on Friday afternoon, Team USA and the other participants will begin competing over four rings. Once the judges have assessed each run, they will announce the winners in each class and category. Given how hard Team USA has been training for the EOJ, we’re confident they’ll do extremely well during the event. 1TDC™ wants to wish Coach Susan and Team USA the best of luck, and we hope they have a great time in The Netherlands!


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