1-TDC® Health Benefits

America's #1 Supplement For Oral Health & Mobility Used By Vets

40 Million worksSOwell Doses Loved By Pets Across America

Better Oral Health

1-TDC® is rapidly absorbed targeting gum and dental discomforts in your
dog's mouth, promoting fresh breath and overall oral comfort.

Improved Mobility

1-TDC® is a complete orthopedic solution for supporting your pet's joints, muscles, and ligaments, benefiting them throughout their life. It promotes healthy mobility, ensuring your furry friend stays active and comfortable at every stage of their life.


More Stamina & Recovery

1-TDC® is a proprietary blend of oils that promotes healthy inflammatory responses throughout your dog's body, resulting in increased playfulness and faster recovery. It helps maintain your dog's explosive
muscular power, stamina & recovery through every stage of their life.

Healthier Coat & Skin

1-TDC®'s unique efficacy in promoting healthy inflammatory responses throughout your pet's body leads to a lustrous coat and optimal skin comfort, ensuring your pet looks and feels their best.

  • 1-TDC® (1-TetraDecanol Complex from Beef Tallow)

    Experience the power of the specialized fatty acid 1-TDC®—a unique blend of oils that promote healthy inflammatory responses at a cellular level. Rapidly absorbed by your pet's body, 1-TDC® has been clinically researched to improve oral health by targeting dental and gum issues, as well as providing comprehensive care for joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

    1. Improves oral health by promoting healthy gums and teeth.
    2. Enhances joint and muscle health for increased mobility.
    3. Supports a healthy inflammatory response.
    4. Aids in faster recovery after physical activity or injury.
    5. Promotes overall well-being and vitality.
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

    Wild Alaska salmon offers numerous health benefits for pets, including promoting a healthy coat and skin, aiding in maintaining muscular strength, and supporting cardiovascular health due to its rich omega fatty acid content.

    1. Rich in omega-3s for healthier skin and coat.
    2. Supports cardiovascular health and immune system.
    3. Reduces joint stiffness and improves mobility.
    4. Contains antioxidants to protect cells from damage.
    5. Aids in cognitive function and healthy brain development
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