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Sharon Broadway
Great product! We love it!

We have been using 1-TDC since Luna was a puppy. She is now 4 years old. She loves her little heart shaped
1-TDC treats. This is part of our dinner routine. She is a strong muscular lab and I truly feel that 1-TDC is keeping her joints healthy. At her last check up our vet commented on how beautiful her teeth are and said “ I wish my dogs teeth looked that good!” Thank you!

Robin Taylor
Love it!

Johnny is a 12 year old Rat terrier who has been on 1TDC for 8 years. He has only had 1 dental and only because they thought he had a cracked tooth. The Vet cannot believe how great his teeth look for his age. He was the #3 Rat terrier AKC agility standing for last year. He is still competing at a hight level just earring his Agility Grand Championship last month. He is running beautifully, happy and healthy thanks to 1TDC.

30 day use so far

Rosie’s (11 year old senior) teeth and gums have definitely improved already, and I’ll be curious what the vet says at next well check. Breath has also. As for mobility, difficult to tell at this point since the weather has been so hot and haven’t had a chance to see a difference in her arthritis. But she certainly is getting up and down stairs without a problem.

Pauline Bryant
Great for teeth

We are still fairly new at this but so far we’ve noticed a great improvement on our dog’s teeth. Can’t wait to see what continued use does for joint paint!

Heather Gregorio
“Vitamin Time”

I looked into the benefits of 1-TDC as i have an 8 yr old pup who I wanted to make sure was comfortable as she moved into her senior years. As well I have a 2 yr pup that has flaky skin. It’s my hope that by starting these two on this supplement that I can prevent or at least delay future concerns. In the month of using 1-TDC the 2 yr old no longer has flaky skin, and the 8 yr old seems to be moving a little easier. And I know both dogs love it as they come running when I say it’s “vitamin time”.