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john martin
very impressed with early results

I have been using 1TDC on both my australian shepherds one being 22 months and the other 9+ years old for about a couple months now, first I used it by putting in with their food but for the last several weeks I have been applying it to their teeth and I am really quite happy with the results. The tartar/plaque is noticeably a lot less and have no doubt it will be gone from their teeth in no time. Their activity level remains high and their coats are in great shape too. Thanks for your terrific really works!

Miller deer tracking

Undeniably the best supplement to help with joint pain. My working dogs are always sore. Once I put my older dog on 1TDC he has responded really quickly to the supplement and has a greater range of mobility. Truly incredible results. Because of 1TDC he’s back helping hunters. A recovery he made this past weekend.

Zoe Gruber
Great product especially for dental!

At just one month we’re already seeing results!

Karen M.

My cairn had quite a bit of plaque buildup on her back molars but wouldn’t tolerate a cleaning. (My vet doesn’t anesthetize for cleanings.) I started using this daily and the difference is striking. I can hardly wait for our vet to see!

Cheryl SEALY
So far so good

It's only been a month. It's hard to tell with my eight year old chihuahua because his teeth weren't that bad. My 13 year old Havapoo has pretty bad plaque and tartar. Her gums sometimes are pretty red. It seems that her teeth are a little better and so are her gums. She also has a thickness on the front of her top gum. She's had it most of her life and my vet watches it. It hasn't really grown. I'm hoping maybe the 1 TDC will actually reduce it. Pics are of Zena my Havapoo.