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1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Dogs

1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Dogs


My dog , Lily, (13) was beginning to slow down. She walked so slowly. Now because of 1-TDC® she runs and walks like a younger pup.

~ Rebecca Arevalo

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1-TDC® Health Benefits

America's #1 Supplement For Oral Health & Mobility Used By Vets

40 Million worksSOwell Doses Loved By Pets Across America

Better Oral Health

1-TDC® is rapidly absorbed targeting gum and dental discomforts in your
dog's mouth, promoting fresh breath and overall oral comfort.

Improved Mobility

1-TDC® is a complete orthopedic solution for supporting your pet's joints, muscles, and ligaments, benefiting them throughout their life. It promotes healthy mobility, ensuring your furry friend stays active and comfortable at every stage of their life.


More Stamina & Recovery

1-TDC® is a proprietary blend of oils that promotes healthy inflammatory responses throughout your dog's body, resulting in increased playfulness and faster recovery. It helps maintain your dog's explosive
muscular power, stamina & recovery through every stage of their life.

Healthier Coat & Skin

1-TDC®'s unique efficacy in promoting healthy inflammatory responses throughout your pet's body leads to a lustrous coat and optimal skin comfort, ensuring your pet looks and feels their best.

4 Great Reasons to Give your Pet 1-TDC®

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    Reason 1

    Better Oral Health

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    Reason 2

    Improved Mobility

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    Reason 3

    More Stamina & Recovery

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    Reason 4

    Healthier Coat & Skin


Did you know that 80% of dogs and cats suffer from oral issues by the age of 3?

Your pet will quietly suffer from a painful mouth, which if not addressed, can lead to severe overall health issues that result in needless suffering and expensive vet bills. 1-TDC® is highly recommended by Veterinary Dentists around the world.


Dr. James Anthony

~ Veterinary Dentist

“Based on a study I performed at The University of Saskatchewan, I was amazed at the positive results from the use of 1-TDC® technology (unique fatty acid oils). All periodontal measurements in the test animals improved significantly. The more I use the 1-TDC® technology, the more impressed I am.”  

  • 1-TDC® (1-TetraDecanol Complex from Beef Tallow)

    Experience the power of the specialized fatty acid 1-TDC®—a unique blend of oils that promote healthy inflammatory responses at a cellular level. Rapidly absorbed by your pet's body, 1-TDC® has been clinically researched to improve oral health by targeting dental and gum issues, as well as providing comprehensive care for joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

    1. Improves oral health by promoting healthy gums and teeth.
    2. Enhances joint and muscle health for increased mobility.
    3. Supports a healthy inflammatory response.
    4. Aids in faster recovery after physical activity or injury.
    5. Promotes overall well-being and vitality.
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

    Wild Alaska salmon offers numerous health benefits for pets, including promoting a healthy coat and skin, aiding in maintaining muscular strength, and supporting cardiovascular health due to its rich omega fatty acid content.

    1. Rich in omega-3s for healthier skin and coat.
    2. Supports cardiovascular health and immune system.
    3. Reduces joint stiffness and improves mobility.
    4. Contains antioxidants to protect cells from damage.
    5. Aids in cognitive function and healthy brain development

How to give 1-TDC to your dog

Trusted Partners

Helping high performance dogs stay at their personal best for longer.

Westminster Agility Grand Champion uses 1-TDC®!



Within days I could notice a difference...

I first started using 1-TDC® in the fall of 2014 on my Sheltie who was showing a bit of stiffness. Within days I could notice a difference in his mobility so I began using the product with all my dogs. I cannot believe the difference it has made for my dogs dental health and that remains my favorite feature. I started telling my friends about this product and now they come to me raving about the difference it has made for their dog too.”

~ Jennifer Crank, 2020 Westminster Agility Grand Champion

What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying


She's now back to her happy, bouncy self.

I read about 1-TDC® and after three months of her being a recurrently sore and mopey pup, I decided to give 1-TDC® a try. I rub one capsule on her gums every morning and she happily eats the rest of the capsule. It has made a huge difference. She's now back to her happy, bouncy self. Her extra clean teeth and breath are a great bonus.

~ Fran from California

Our veterinarian is very impressed with how great my dog’s gums & teeth are!

Love the bargain & the product! Have been using 1-TDC® for years! Our veterinarian is very impressed with how great my dog’s gums & teeth are!

~ Deborah from Granada Hills, CA

I’ve noticed a difference in their skin, coat and teeth!

My dogs really love this product! From my 6 month old puppy to my 13 year old senior. I’ve noticed a difference in their skin, coat and teeth! Highly recommend.

~ Fran from California

Not only does his teeth look great but he has become puppy like.

I started my now 11yr old Australian Shepherd Summit on 1-TDC® over a year ago hoping to see some dental benefits. Not only does his teeth look great but he has become puppy like. His play time has increase and he continues to shine in agility.

~ Judi Schachte

Here are answers to some FAQ’s

My pet ate the capsule, do I need to take it to the vet? 

No, the capsule is made to be ingested.

My pet ate more than the suggested dosage, do I need to go to the vet?

No, usually they will be just fine. Worst case, maybe some diarrhea.

I’m supposed to give 2 capsules, does it have to be in the morning or evening?

You can give your pet 1-TDC® whenever it is convenient for you.

Do I have to put 1-TDC® on the gums?

It is recommended, but not necessary. Feeding them the capsule or contents works just as well.

How long until I see the benefits of 1-TDC®?

Each pet is different, but it should be between 4-6 weeks.

Is the loading dose necessary?

If you have a young, healthy pet and you are being proactive, the loading dose is not necessary. If your pet is older or has oral health or mobility issues, then I would suggest the loading dose to get the 1-TDC® into the system faster.

What kind of fish oil is in the 1-TDC®?

Wild Alaskan Salmon oil.

If my pet does better on the loading dose, is it ok to keep them on that?

Yes, every pet is different, keeping them on the loading dose is ok.

My capsules are harder than the last bottle, are they bad?

No, air in the bottle will make them hard, add a small piece of bread to the bottle and the capsules will soften (just like adding a piece of bread to a container of cookies.

Where is our product made?

In the US.

What does 1-TDC® mean?

1-TetraDecanol Complex, which is the molecular name. 1-TDC® is a patented blend of fatty acid oils.

What is 1-TDC® made from?

1-TDC® is a proprietary blend of fatty acid oils from beef tallow derived from grass-fed animals.

If my pet is allergic to beef can I use 1-TDC®?

Yes, allergies come from protein and 1-TDC® is a fatty acid. So, your pet should be safe.

What are the major differences between 1-TDC® and fish oil?

1-TDC® has an affinity for white blood cells, which makes it a more targeted and effective solution. Additionally, 1-TDC® is transdermal, which gives it the ability to effectively be absorbed and work locally.

Does 1-TDC® replace the need for fish oil?

Omega 3 fish oils provide great general health benefits. However, when it comes to joint health, 1-TDC® provides superior results. Also, fish oils provide very limited periodontal benefit. Therefore, continue to use fish oils for general health and add 1-TDC® for superior gum and joint health results.

How does 1-TDC® as a joint health solution compare to glucosamine, HA & fish oil?

1-TDC® provides superior results due to its unique properties. Put it to the test. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is 1-TDC® economical?

YES, it is significantly less expensive than other joint health products and provides twice the benefits, supporting both gum and joint health.

How long before I see results?

Joint health improvements are typically noticeable in one week for small dogs and cats; two weeks for medium size dogs; and three weeks for large dogs. Periodontal improvements can be seen as early as one week and steady improvement will continue over the next two months. Again, steady improvement can be expected over the following two months.

How palatable is 1-TDC®?

Extremely palatable, since it is derived from beef tallow. Pets see it as a treat...even cats.

Does 1-TDC® replace the need for a dental cleaning?

NO. Teeth cleaning is critical to remove plaque and tartar, a key element to oral health. 1-TDC® addresses the other part of oral health. It targets the health of the gums directly. 1-TDC® should be used with every dental cleaning and procedure because it complements and enhances those procedures. Additionally, 1-TDC® is an excellent choice in situations when teeth cleaning cannot be performed for some reason.

Customer Reviews

Based on 210 reviews
john martin
very impressed with early results

I have been using 1TDC on both my australian shepherds one being 22 months and the other 9+ years old for about a couple months now, first I used it by putting in with their food but for the last several weeks I have been applying it to their teeth and I am really quite happy with the results. The tartar/plaque is noticeably a lot less and have no doubt it will be gone from their teeth in no time. Their activity level remains high and their coats are in great shape too. Thanks for your terrific really works!

Miller deer tracking

Undeniably the best supplement to help with joint pain. My working dogs are always sore. Once I put my older dog on 1TDC he has responded really quickly to the supplement and has a greater range of mobility. Truly incredible results. Because of 1TDC he’s back helping hunters. A recovery he made this past weekend.

Zoe Gruber
Great product especially for dental!

At just one month we’re already seeing results!

Karen M.

My cairn had quite a bit of plaque buildup on her back molars but wouldn’t tolerate a cleaning. (My vet doesn’t anesthetize for cleanings.) I started using this daily and the difference is striking. I can hardly wait for our vet to see!

Cheryl SEALY
So far so good

It's only been a month. It's hard to tell with my eight year old chihuahua because his teeth weren't that bad. My 13 year old Havapoo has pretty bad plaque and tartar. Her gums sometimes are pretty red. It seems that her teeth are a little better and so are her gums. She also has a thickness on the front of her top gum. She's had it most of her life and my vet watches it. It hasn't really grown. I'm hoping maybe the 1 TDC will actually reduce it. Pics are of Zena my Havapoo.