1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats

You save: $-45.00 USD(100%)
1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats
1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats
1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats
1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats
1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats
1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats
1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats
1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats
1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats
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1-TDC Oral Health + Mobility Support for Cats

You save: $-45.00 USD(100%)
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Keep your cat Happy, Active & Comfortable from Head-to-Tail with 1-TDC.

This unique supplement is SO effective that it is recommended by TOP Veterinary Experts worldwide to maintain and improve your cat’s health in 4 important areas:

  1.   Oral Health…. Save Teeth!  NO MORE Bad Breath
  2.   Hips & Joints and Muscles…Active Again! NO MORE achy, stiff joints and muscles
  3.   Skin & Coat…Healthy looking fur! NO MORE flaky skin
  4.   Energy & Recovery…More playful!  NO MORE low energy

  • This 4-in-1 cost-effective supplement is SO tasty many cats think it is a treat!
  • Keep your cat healthy and save money on vet bills at the same time!
  • Say goodbye to costly supplements that provide only limited results!
  • Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

Cat's Love It

4 Great Reasons to Give your Pet 1TDC:

1. Because Oral Health is SO important!

Did you know that 80% of cats suffer from oral issues by the age of 3?

Your cat will quietly suffer from a painful mouth, which if not addressed, can lead to severe overall health issues that result in needless suffering and expensive vet bills. 1TDC is highly recommended by Veterinary Dentists around the world.

“Based on a cat study I performed at The University of Saskatchewan, I was amazed at the positive results from the use of 1TDC® technology (unique fatty acid oils). All periodontal measurements in the test cats improved significantly. The more I use the 1TDC® technology, the more impressed I am.”  

- Dr. James Anthony

Veterinary Dentist

2. It SO improves Mobility!

90% of cats by the age of 12 will develop joint health issues!

While some supplements may provide some relief, 1-TDC will take your cat’s activity and comfort to the next level. It provides support to the Hips & Joints, as well as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. You will see the difference.


“Cat owners come to me at VOSM looking for the newest innovation in orthopedic support that will help their cats. 1-TDC® is a fantastic supplement that incorporates 1-Tetradecanol Complex, a blend of fatty acids, to provide a 4-in-1 wellness regiment for your cat. To maximize benefits, 1-TDC® can be applied orally and serves as a tasty supplement that improves joint, oral, and skin health while increasing stamina and maintaining a healthy recovery in your cat. I highly recommend 1-TDC® for cats!”

- Sherman O. Canapp Jr.

Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon

1-TDC® sets itself apart from other supplements with its key ingredient of 1-Tetradecanol Complex, a blend of fatty acids that complements well with other supplements to serve as a comprehensive tool for your pets’ health. 1-TDC® not only improves oral health but promotes increased performance and enhances your pets’ joint health with a focus on mobility and comfort. I strongly believe in the impact of this product and recommend it to anyone looking to incorporate an easy to use and well-balanced supplement into their pet's routine.

- Debra A. Canapp

Orthopedic Rehab Veteran

3. Keep your Cat looking SO Good

Healthy skin and coat promote a strong immune system, protecting your cat against external threats.

I believe that our cats’ oral health is definitely connected to their overall wellbeing. When I was offered to try 1TDC, I admit I was skeptical at first. But I am open minded, so I gave it a go.

Amazingly – it does work!!! There was a noticeable improvement in my cat’s breath and gums and in just two weeks! I can’t wait to see the results after a few months of usage.

Not only is this product great for my cat’s gums, coat and well being – but I am now giving it to my dog too.

As a judge in the cat fancy, I want to see healthier cats and I strongly recommend everyone become proactive to keep all their cats and dogs healthy.

I am using 1TDC – you should too.

- Russell Webb

CFA All Breed Judge

4. Give your cat SO much more Energy

1TDC helps maintain your cat’s muscular power, stamina & recovery through every stage of their life.

I received a sample of vitamins from the makers of 1TDC. I did explain that I only had older cats.

I started them on a Monday. One of my Old timers, Blonde Betty always comes into the bathroom with me and drinks directly from a running faucet. As time went on, she started to jump on the seat then to the sink. Later, waited for me to pick her up and put her on the sink.

By the end of two weeks, she was again able to jump on the seat, then to the sink. Now, she is even willing to jump directly down by herself. I can say it sure has helped her movement. Blondie is 17 years young.

- Sharon Roy

CFA All Breed Judge

1TDC® is a new generation of fatty acid technology beyond fish oil and glucosamine. It is produced in a pharmaceutical-grade, state of the art facility in the USA. 1TDC is a human-grade product. 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions

1-TetraDecanol Complex, which is the molecular name. 1TDC™ is a patented blend of fatty acid oils.

1TDC™ is a proprietary blend of fatty acid oils from beef tallow derived from grass-fed animals.

Yes, allergies come from protein and 1TDC™ is a fatty acid. So, your pet should be safe.

1TDC™ has an affinity for white blood cells, which makes it a more targeted and effective solution. Additionally, 1TDC™ is transdermal, which gives it the ability to effectively be absorbed and work locally.

Omega 3 fish oils provide great general health benefits. However, when it comes to joint health, 1TDC™ provides superior results. Also, fish oils provide very limited periodontal benefit. Therefore, continue to use fish oils for general health and add 1TDC™ for superior gum and joint health results.

1TDC™ provides superior results due to its unique properties. Put it to the test. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

YES, it is significantly less expensive than other joint health products and provides twice the benefits, supporting both gum and joint health.

Joint health improvements are typically noticeable in one week for small dogs and cats; two weeks for medium size dogs; and three weeks for large dogs. Periodontal improvements can be seen as early as one week and steady improvement will continue over the next two months. Again, steady improvement can be expected over the following two months.

Extremely palatable, since it is derived from beef tallow. Pets see it as a treat...even cats.

NO. Teeth cleaning is critical to remove plaque and tartar, a key element to oral health. 1TDC™ addresses the other part of oral health. It targets the health of the gums directly. 1TDC® should be used with every dental cleaning and procedure because it complements and enhances those procedures. Additionally, 1TDC™ is an excellent choice in situations when teeth cleaning cannot be performed for some reason.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Wonderful product.

I am currently giving 1TDC to three of my senior felines, a 12 year old, 16 year old and 18 year old, all diagnosed with severe periodontal disease and stomatitis.
The results are positive so far, as they all seem less painful, and have less redness and swelling of the gums.
I plan to continue using 1TDC as maintenance in hopes the results continue to remain positive.

Mary Lindsey
It took a while for the girl kitty to like it

Both kitties were not sure what we were giving them. Handsome Mungojerrie accepted before Princess Rumpleteazer. While he would take the supplements by mouth easily, she finally learned to take the supplements in her bowl where she will lap it up. Their fur looks great. Waiting to see what the vet needs to say.

Elise Smith
Gum Improvement

I purchased 1TDC because my male cat has gum issues. He tolerates me giving it to him, and I have noticed his gums are less red and more pinkish.
I squeeze it into his mouth and after doing so he gets treats. I hope to see continued improvement.

Working well

So far two of our four fur babies love the taste and take it as a treat… that’s great because they are the two with dental issues!

The other two really don’t want it but we are trying to introduce it via wet food treats.

Next wellness visit with the vet will be a litmus test indeed.

Debra Vanderbeck

I cannot review, none of mine like it or will let me give it to them. I mean they REALLY dont like it. I have 6 and bought the large bottle which was a lot for a senior and no one lets me give it to them.

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